Splunk at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2016

Gartner_SummitsI am very excited to attend the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit to be held in Grapevine, TX from March 14 – 16. It is one of the premier events in the industry that provides an opportunity to learn from leading thought leaders but also meet the most innovative companies. As evidenced by the changes in the latest Gartner BI MQ, the industry is going through a seismic shift. It is safe to say the nexus of the following trends is leading this:

Cloud – Cloud has been a game changer. Back in the day when we had to test a version of our software on multiple OS, it was a lengthy process – request, procure, wait, install, configure test. Today, the same process takes minutes. Simply go to your favorite cloud provider, select your stack, push a button and you have the entire stack instantiated within minutes.

Devops – The velocity of pushing out to code in production has increased dramatically. When I was a product manager, if we could push out a release every 6 months, it was a big accomplishment. Some of the nimbler companies today are pushing code into production every day!

Mobility – Mobility has a tremendous impact on enterprises and many of them are launching with mobile first experiences. These companies recognize that it is not just another channel but a way to engage their customers with their brands, understand their behavior and earn their loyalty.

Now as an organization I can rapidly instantiate a development, test and production environment, in the cloud push code to production and measure customer engagement, behavior, identify points of failure etc. and repeat this cycle often. It enables organizations to run their business using leading indicators rather than lagging indicators.

Splunk’s disruptive approach to machine data is helping companies not only to mange this cycle effectively, but also gain critical business insights that enables them run their business in real-time. One such customer is VenuNext. We are honored to have Ronak Bhatt, VP of Data Products and Enablement at VenueNext, present at the event on how they are leveraging Splunk to better manage operations at various venues and also deliver a superior fan experience. Here are the session timings:

Solution Provider Session:
Ready For Some Football? VenueNext Transforms In-Stadium Fan Experiences with Splunk

Wednesday, March 16 | 1:15 – 1:45 PM | Texas D/Level 3/Convention Center

The machine-generated data from applications, servers, clickstreams, mobile applications, connected devices and sensors contains a wealth of business insights. Forward-thinking organizations are combining their machine data with relational data for competitive differentiation, deliver innovative new products and services. Learn how VenueNext, a leading technology company transforming how people experience venues, leveraged Splunk’s machine data platform to deliver real-time operational visibility to venue operators to improve efficiencies, increase revenue and deliver MVP experience to venue goers

To learn more about Splunk for Business Analytics, I encourage you to attend the session below or stop by our exhibitor booth.

Theatre Session:
Leverage Machine Data and Deliver New Insights for Business Analytics

Monday, March 14 | 1:15 – 1:35 PM | Solution Showcase Theatre /Longhorn E / Level 1/Convention Center

The Big Data phenomenon is being driven by the growth of machine data. Critical insights found in machine data enable IT and Security teams to ensure uptime, detect fraud and identify threats. Today, forward-thinking organizations are discovering its value to better understand their customers, improve products, optimize marketing and improve business processes. Learn how Splunk and your machine data can deliver real-time insights from this new class of data and complement your existing BI investments.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Manish Jiandani
Director, Solutions Marketing
Splunk Inc.

Manish Jiandani
Posted by Manish Jiandani

Manish Jiandani is Director of Solutions Marketing for Business Analytics and IoT at Splunk. Prior to Splunk he was a was co-founder at Falkonry, an innovative provider of condition monitoring solutions for industrial systems based on advanced machine learning techniques. As a product management professional, Manish has spent 15+ years successfully building and launching market leading products in BI, Analytics and Hadoop.

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