Building a Software/SaaS Business on AWS – 5 Steps to Success

The following is an excerpt from a contributed blog post made to the AWS Partner Network blog:

As AWS increasingly becomes the preferred deployment model for enterprise applications and services, it’s never been more important for a software or AWS SaaS provider to effectively work with AWS. Splunk recognizes this, and has been building software that runs on AWS as well as a globally available AWS-based cloud service delivered through nine AWS worldwide regions.

We are thrilled with the success of our SaaS business on AWS, so we shared some of our learnings in the form of best practices!

Read our 5 steps to success in detail on the AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog.


Praveen Rangnath
Sr. Director of Cloud Product Marketing
Splunk Inc.

Praveen Rangnath
Posted by Praveen Rangnath

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