.conf2014 Highlight Series: Splunk Ninjutsu by David Veuve

UPDATE: .conf2015 registration is now open!
We’ve also opened up the .conf2015 call for papers and speakers.

In our ongoing series of .conf2014 #TBT highlights, we revisit David Veuve’s “Security Ninjutsu” presentation focused on using Splunk for Advanced Correlation, Anomaly Detection and Response Automation.
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Solution Area:
IT Operations, Security
Splunk Enterprise

Presentation overview:
Splunk’s analytical capabilities allow security users to leverage advanced correlation and anomaly detection moving beyond basic incident response. Splunk can also take action, ranging from integration with ticketing systems to automatic blocking and beyond. This session walks the audience through automated threat intelligence response, behavioral profiling, anomaly detection, and tracking an attack against the kill chain. Through each of the examples, David reviews the data, how to analyze it, and what actions could be taken, providing reusable examples for how to level up your security capabilities with Splunk software.

conf2015-logoWe look forward to sharing more of these over the course of the year as we get closer to .conf2015: The 6th Annual Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conferencee in Las Vegas in September.


Richard Brewer-Hay
Posted by Richard Brewer-Hay

Richard Brewer-Hay (RBH) has 20 years experience in communications, marketing and production on behalf of some of the world's most innovative companies including Yahoo!, eBay, NEC, Microsoft and StubHub. In November, 2014, he joined Splunk to lead its social media efforts across the global organization.

When he's not Splunking, RBH spends as much time as possible with his wife and two daughters - exploring the Bay Area. He also brews beer. In April 2010, his beer – “Imperial Jack”, named after his Grandfather and brewed in collaboration with San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery, was a Gold Medal winner at the World Beer Cup.

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