The First Virtual SplunkLive! for Higher Education

I am excited to announce the first virtual SplunkLive! event focused entirely on higher education, hosted in partnership with Internet2.

Modesty usually forbids using more than one exclamation point in any given blog, but I thought in this case both the format and the focus were worth getting excited about (!!!).

For those who may not know, SplunkLive! events are customer-focused gatherings that give attendees a way to see and interact with current Splunk users, as well as get some hands-on Splunk experience. For this particular event, we have speakers from Ohio State University, Baylor University, and the University of Washington, followed by breakout sessions on Getting Started, Security, and IT Operations.

I promised to shave my head if we get more than 100 attendees, so please share, register, and attend…

Happy Splunking!

Rob Reed, your WorldWide Education Evangelist (currently with a little bit of hair).

Rob Reed
Posted by Rob Reed

Rob has always been a nerd with one foot in the field of Education and the other in the field of Technology (except when both feet are pedaling a bicycle).  As the only son of a retired high school teacher par excellence, Rob wakes up every morning working to build systems and networks that allow any instructor or institution to match or surpass the impact that master teachers have on their students.

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