Unstoppable AWS and Irresistible Splunk

AWS Re-invent is here!  We, at Splunk, are excited to announce all the new  goodies we have been working on with AWS!

First, a lot of you might have seen the announcement around Amazon CloudTrail(beta). We see this as nothing but game-changing. Customers of every size, with deployments in AWS can achieve new levels of awareness about their security posture and adherence to compliance with the granular visibility provided by this new API. The richness of the API allows for considerable detail and for our customers who hankering for this type of visibility, we are releasing a new version of our Splunk App for AWS. The enhancements include integration with Amazon Cloudtrail to provide cool dashboards that surface up all the important and noteworthy events in your AWS environment like network configuration changes, unauthorized actions, changes to security groups and more. Our enhanced app also includes tight integration with the AWS billing API and provides visibility into reserved/unreserved instances, month-over-month analyses of billing and usage changes.  We shared the app with a few customers, during the private beta, and heard a good amount of “I am so excited about the visibility i now have!”.  Take a look at the video here. Or you can take it for a test drive yourself! For free and on

Second… and third, we are also making available Amazon Machine Images for Splunk Enterprise and HUNK. AMIs are standardized, pre-configured instances of Splunk software that can be easily accessed in the AWS Marketplace. We hope that these AMIs make life easier for those of you that frequently deploy Splunk images in your EC2 environments. The Splunk Enterprise AMI comes with the AWS app prepackaged. The HUNK AMI, now brings lovely exploratory analysis for your Hadoop data to your fingertips! For those of you that are regular users of either Amazon’s ElasticMapReduce or any of the other Hadoop distro’s on AWS, you’ll want to read Dritan’s blog about our HUNK AMI.

Of course, Splunk Cloud, the service we announced earlier at our own .conf also runs in AWS and brings you all the flexbility and awesomeness of Splunk without any of the infrastructure or operational personnel wait -times.

In all, we are happy to be part of the AWS family and proud to be continuously delivering to the cloud movement!

Leena Joshi

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