Philly Hackathon Winners

On March 6, 2013 after SplunkLive in Philadelphia, developers joined forces with Splunkers for a Hackathon at Seed Philly. Despite the weather that we were having in Philly, everyone did a great job on using Splunk and interesting data to create an innovative apps!

Jonathan Luste, Marquise Lee, Alem Abreha, Patrick Shumate, Sean Brown {team name: “Team Comcast”, spirit animal: “Mongoose”} won 1st place for Best App!  Bringing their creative minds together they Splunked Philadelphia Crime data to see violent vs non-violent crimes and incident rates that are displayed on the maps. Check out the pic of the team presenting and a couple screenshots of the app!

Chris Ly {team name: “Team Unfinished”, spirit animal: “Crippled Dodo”} won 1st place for Best App for Social Impact was ! His app looked at new property tax assessments for the city of Philadelphia to see how  the new assessments compared to prior assessments as well as the demographics of who they are impacting.  For the project he looked at property taxes data from the City of Philadelphia, salary avg. by zip code from another source he found online.

Thanks to all that participated in the event and to our host Brad from SeedPhilly. Philly is always a great time and we will be back soon!

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