SplunkTalk – #35 – Winning with Splunk, Duh!

You know we just had to throw in some Charlie Sheen soundbytes–inevitable. This week, Wilde and Maverick chat about a couple of interesting topics: How to figure out if someone “hasn’t visited” your website this month (hint: its gonna take more than just a timechart). Maverick covers how to use Splunk and Microsoft SCOM together for better visibility & I hear he’s learned about Canadian Health Care standards (yawn). Finally, Wilde shares a story about using Dan Gidman’s “Autoscroller” JQuery Plugin to make a Splunk Dashboard–you guessed it–scroll down by itself. The excitement continues!

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Enjoy Listening!

Michael Wilde, “Chief of Black Ops and White Lies” is a Principal Sales Engineer with Splunk.  Starting with Splunk as their first Sales Engineer way back in 2006, over the years Michael has helped the company evolve its product and demo strategy, becoming and expert evangelist.  Michael is the original Splunk NInja and coined the tagline "becuase ninjas are too busy"

Aside from being a career sales engineer, Michael is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu an RYT-200 yoga teacher, every Saturday at LifeTime Fitness in Austin, TX.  

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