Mexican Haze

No, I don’t mean your favorite brand from the “medical” dispensary. I deal in booze. And today, in honor of the tasty California air made crunchy with wild fire detritus, I’m whipping out something fancy from my personal stash.

The loonies over at Hanger One have this limited edition liquor called Qi. http://www.qispirits.com/ One of them is, essentially, smoke liquor. It looks like artificial smoke flavoring, smells like your clothes after a bonfire, and is all in all a horrible beverage idea.

That I take as a personal challenge.

So if you’re curious what one does with smoke flavor in your cocktails, come on down to the 4. Hint: it involves tequila, that’s why it’s Mexican Haze.

4:20, game on. At the bar.

Johnathon Cervelli
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Johnathon Cervelli

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