Why Hunk

Up until now, exploring, analyzing and visualizing data in Hadoop has come at a high price. There is the development time and resources associated with setting up schemas and then there's the specialized skillsets for writing MapReduce jobs. Each approach is time intensive, expensive and keeps vital data out of the reach of business and IT stakeholders. Furthermore, the vast data volumes in Hadoop can become too big to move and make it impractical to migrate data in and out of Hadoop.

Hunk™: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop is big data analytics made easy. It's easy to try, set up and deploy:

Hunk works with your current Hadoop implementation, from Apache Hadoop or your choice of Hadoop distribution partner.

Fast to Deploy and Drive Value

Designed to gather insights from your big data in Hadoop, Hunk integrates the processes of data exploration, analysis and visualization into a single, fluid user experience. Simply point Hunk at your Hadoop cluster and start exploring data immediately.

Full-featured, Interactive Analytics

Explore, analyze and visualize data, create dashboards and share reports from one integrated platform. Use Hunk to interact with data, change perspectives on-the-fly and preview results as MapReduce jobs are running. Hunk features schema-on-the-fly technology that delivers the flexibility that business and IT stakeholders need in working with unstructured data in Hadoop.

Works With What You Have Today

Preview results and interactively search across one or more Hadoop clusters, including clusters from different distribution vendors. Hunk works on Apache Hadoop and most major distributions, including those from Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, MapR and Pivotal, and supports both first-generation MapReduce and YARN. Use the ODBC driver (beta) to feed data from Hunk to third-party data visualization tools or business intelligence software.