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Application Management

Solutions Brief: Ensure the Availability and Performance of Critical Applications

This paper addresses the way Splunk helps resolve issues around end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting in web-based application environments.

Big Data

Big Data for Everyone

CITO Research explains how Hunk: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop unlocks the business value of data stored in Hadoop.

Big Data in a Day

From The Big Data Group, this paper gives suggestions and examples of how enterprises are realizing benefits from big data much more quickly than before.

The Big Machine: Creating Value Out of Machine-driven Big Data

This paper from GigaOM Pro explains how business executives working with their CTOs or CIOs and other tech management can use big data within their organizations.

Business Analytics

Real-Time Business Analytics from Big Data

This paper by a leading analyst discusses how operational intelligence complements traditional business intelligence solutions by providing real-time business analytics from growing volumes of new data sources including machine-generated data.

Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence: Executive Summary

Summary of operational intelligence created by CITO Research.

Operational Intelligence: What It Is and Why You Need It Now

A more in-depth paper from CITO Research that explains trends driving the need for operational intelligence, explores some use cases and more.

Security & Compliance

Using Splunk Software as Part of a Government Insider Threat Detection Program

Insider threats pose a real risk to national security. Learn how machine data and Splunk software can support government insider threat programs.

Leveraging Big Data at the State and Local Level to Drive Cybersecurity, Increase Visibility and Improve Service Delivery

This paper discusses how state and local governments are using big data analytics and correlation to build successful strategies for minimizing IT risk and improving service delivery.

Demystifying Compliance

This paper addresses some of the myths about compliance & what it means for IT, then discusses the main compliance mandates and how Splunk can help.

Extracting More Value from SIEM Deployment: Integrating Splunk with ArcSight

A guide to how ArcSight ESM customers (or customers with other SIEM products) can use Splunk as a Logger replacer or to stream data.

Guide for Mapping Splunk® Enterprise to PCI Requirements

Discover the details of how you can apply Splunk for PCI in your environment.

The SIEM RFP: New Questions for New Times

This paper goes into detail about the unspoken purchase risks inherent in the RFP process and five critical additional questions customers should be asking vendors.

Splunk, Big Data and the Future of Security

The focus of this paper is a discussion of a new way of thinking about detecting unknown threats and how a big data solution like Splunk can provide insight into anomalous behavior.

Splunk Executive Brief

Splunk Executive Brief: Ensure the Availability and Performance of Critical Applications

This paper outlines the struggles organizations face managing silos of machine data and discusses the ways they are seeing immediate value from Splunk software.


Control Virtual Chaos: A New Approach for Managing Virtual Environments

This paper discusses the visibility challenges facing today's administrators and highlights a new approach to managing, reporting and analyzing the silos of big data generated by virtualized infrastructures.

Datacenter Virtualization: New Visibility Gaps Create Big Data Opportunities

This paper discusses the ways in which virtualization and big data are inextricably linked, suggesting a big data-capable solution for monitoring, planning and analytics of virtualized infrastructures.