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Operational Intelligence for Energy and Utilities

IT and industrial control systems, smart meters and sensors all generate massive volumes of machine data that is complex and unstructured--but meanwhile contains a gold mine of information.

Everything from operational health to the security posture of your infrastructure is buried within this data. Harness this machine data, unlock the hidden value and turn it into Operational Intelligence with Splunk.

Initiatives transforming IT for energy and utilities cover a wide spectrum, from protecting critical infrastructure and smart grid innovation to advanced metering infrastructure and NERC compliance. One constant remains, however. The immense volume of data generated needs to be tracked, logged, and reported, yet the tools provided are typically proprietary, homegrown and one-dimensional.

Machine data oftentimes resides in silos, making it difficult to extract for reporting and analytics. Yet this data can be hugely valuable to the overall business and drive Operational Intelligence. Splunk can be used to gain visibility into the overall environment, strengthen security, demonstrate regulatory compliance and more.

Machine data generated by different sources within energy and utilities

Machine data generated by different sources within energy and utilities.

Splunk in Action

Lumo Energy, an Australian energy retailing business, uses Splunk software to help monitor electricity prices and make predictions. Splunk software collects energy pricing and demand data from the Australian Energy Market Operator, runs Lumo Energy specific analysis and calculations, then securely provides private execution proposals to their power stations.

Lumo Energy now has greater control over their custom SCADA environment. Splunk dashboards display market demand and pricing information, power station status and output, resource utilization and other telemetry. Lumo Energy can respond faster to market fluctuations with greater operational intelligence and unparalleled visibility into plant and equipment efficiency. Splunk also provides fail-safe security for private online control of their energy assets operating in the Australian market.

Customers using Splunk to help power their business:

Arrow Energy
DTE Energy
Itaipu Binacional
Lumo Energy
Manitoba Hydro
Noble Energy

Without visibility into the IT infrastructure, troubleshooting and anticipating future capacity is difficult. With Splunk, mean time to recovery (MTTR) can go from hours to minutes. Splunk ingests and indexes any amount of data from any source and location. Users can drill into the data, identify linkages, and take corrective action as needed. They can create dashboards and reports on usage trends and other metrics for more accurate forecasting. Learn More »

Real-time Visibility into Operational Performance

Real-time Visibility into Operational Performance

Splunk in Action

Urenco is a leading global provider of value added services and technology to the nuclear generation industry worldwide. Urenco IT staff uses Splunk to consolidate and search logs from custom applications, Windows and Linux servers as well as SNMP traps for network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Another Splunk customer, a power company in Australia, uses Splunk for real-time monitoring of their data centers. Errors and changes in the environment trigger alerts, which allow them to find issues quickly and track progress on issue resolution. They monitor server performance, client usage, account logons and more, which provide the context necessary for growth and capacity planning.

Groups increasingly target the energy sector because of perceived vulnerabilities in security procedures and infrastructure. The vast scope of data from IT and ICS systems, sensors, devices and applications make it difficult to monitor and uncover threats quickly, not to mention the time needed for NERC compliance. Splunk enables security teams to quickly search and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real time. Energy and utility customers use Splunk for log management, incident investigation and response, forensics, security and compliance reporting, threat identification and more. Learn More »

Incident Tracking across Multiple Systems

Incident Tracking across Multiple Systems

Splunk in Action

One Splunk customer, a large U.S. utility, uses Splunk to gain more visibility into security issues and comply with NERC. Search queries for incident response and NERC reporting now take minutes instead of hours. Splunk lets them consume and index data from hundreds of applications, which enables them to search more rapidly, track security incidents across several systems, and build a library of security relevant searches that complements their SIEM.

Another U.S. utility uses Splunk and associated Splunk apps to monitor logs from Windows, Linux, Cisco and various industrial systems to establish chain of custody for log data. By using Splunk, they saved hours running search queries and reports, and subsequently decommission tools in six departments. They also can now implement controls and provide trending, metrics, and reporting for NERC and SOX compliance.

Because Splunk Enterprise is so flexible, energy and utility customers constantly find new ways to improve operational efficiency and develop more analytics that drive better business and IT decisions. Examples include:

  • Monitoring pipeline activity - using SCADA meter data in conjunction with other data sources (e.g., IP networks) to determine if a network outage is a defect or a security threat
  • Capacity planning - accurately forecasting and accounting for spikes in usage
  • Smart grid operational analytics - using machine data and other data sources to improve operational efficiency, reduce outages and dynamically manage customer load
  • Customer analytics - using Smart meter data to track consumer usage patterns and identify more meter to cash opportunities

These are just a handful of areas where Splunk software drives measurable, meaningful results for energy and utility companies.

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