Splunk for Digital Intelligence

Drive Actionable Insights across Your Digital Channels

Organizations need a deep understanding of customer interactions and product/feature usage to create the best website or mobile user experience. While traditional web analytics solutions focus on marketing analytics (user acquisition, spend optimization) or on traffic (visits, pageviews etc.), Splunk's digital intelligence solutions provides an end-to-end view of customer interactions across various digital channels, including web, mobile, social and offline.

Splunk Enterprise digital intelligence solutions:

  • Work side by side with web analytics tools to provide customer, product and feature usage analytics across real-time and historical data
  • Create actionable insights that are critical in solving customer, website/mobile and multi-channel analytics challenges
  • Complement and improve Hadoop initiatives by providing bi-directional movement of data between Splunk Enterprise and Hadoop
Digital Intelligence Platform


Splunk Enterprise is a flexible and powerful platform for machine data. It provides an impactful way to analyze customer behavior and product usage from websites, mobile apps and social media streams.

With Splunk Enterprise, you can:

  • Reliably collect data from various user interactions - web, mobile, social and offline
  • Get meaningful insights and powerful visualizations with unlimited segmentation and full data drill-down on real-time and historical data
  • Correlate data across various digital channels
  • Create reports, dashboards and alerts for meaningful actions based on trends
  • Use Splunk DB Connect and Hadoop Connect to enrich streaming unstructured data with structured data from relational databases or enable movement of data to Hadoop for complex batch analytics

Why Splunk

Gather customer, product, mobile app and website feature adoption and multi-channel analytics using Splunk Enterprise. With an easy to use interface and powerful search language, customers use Splunk Enterprise to bring value to data quickly without the need of specialized analytics skills.

Traditional analytics tools focus on marketing analytics, such as user acquisition and spend optimization. Organizations are increasingly looking to find meaningful insights into which features contribute to effective user engagement and conversion across digital channels. Splunk Enterprise complements traditional web analytics tools and provides additional analytics around mobile, social and multi-channel. Digital data analysis projects in Hadoop have struggled to provide valuable insights in a timely fashion. Splunk big data apps Hadoop Connect and DB Connect complement Hadoop projects to solve analytics needs across the digital channels.

Digital Intelligence Analytics

Customer/Product Analytics

Line of business owners can get an early read on purchase patterns, product usage, paths or churn across digital channels. Gather real-time analytics and the ability to correlate transaction data with web and mobile data to gain insights into business performance and variances.

Mobile App Analytics

Understand feature adoption, usage and effectiveness of changes to the mobile apps in real time using Splunk Enterprise. Product managers can drill down, segment, correlate various datasets and derive actionable insights for website or mobile apps.

Social Media Analytics

Correlating social media data with web/mobile data can provide new insights. Marketing and operations team can derive operational value from social data. These insights can help engage with customers more effectively and help improve brand perception.

Multi-Channel Analytics

Bringing data from multiple channels and stitching them together can provide new insights into user behavior. Splunk Enterprise unique capability to bring disparate datasets together and correlate them helps product managers and line of business owners optimize the user experience.

Multi-Channel Analytics


Index Any Data

Index any machine data regardless of format or location, including clickstream data, web mobile apps, native mobile apps, social media logs, offline data and even multi-line logs from custom applications. With no predefined schema, data can be indexed from virtually any source, format or location. Once indexed, it's available for analysis, reporting, dashboards and other valuables uses.

Interact with Search Results

Interact with your search results in real time. Zoom in and out on a timeline of your results to quickly reveal trends, spikes and anomalies. Click to drill down immediately into your results and eliminate noise to get to the needle in the haystack. Whether you're finding the reason behind a variance, or simply discovering your data, you'll get to the answer in minutes rather than hours or days. Avoid the need to escalate to other groups to get the data you need.

Interact with Search Results

Correlate Complex Events

Splunk search makes it easy to establish or find relationships between seemingly unrelated events or activity. Use Splunk Enterprise to correlate based on time, external data, sub-searches or joins. Identify related events as a transaction or session. Visualize trends and characteristics in reports and dashboards.