Splunk for Business Analytics

Business Insights Beyond Structured Data

The world of business analytics is changing. Data architects, business analysts, developers and IT leaders are expanding the scope of business analytics to incorporate new data sources such as machine data. Getting timely and relevant business insight from these new data sources and traditional structured data sources is a huge value for the business.


Leading companies are using machine data to deliver new, real-time business insights to executive, sales, product, marketing, operations and customer service teams.

Operational Intelligence stack diagram

Splunk software transforms machine data into real-time operational intelligence to deliver new business insights.

  • Leverage a new class of data for business analytics
  • Enrich machine data with structured data for business context
  • Gain real-time business insights
  • Complement existing BI tools and other big data technologies

Why Splunk

A new class of data for business analytics

Splunk Enterprise is the platform for machine data. It is the easy, fast and resilient way to collect, analyze and secure the massive streams of machine data generated by all IT systems and technology infrastructure.

With Splunk Enterprise, you can expand beyond the data warehouse to include machine data as a critical new source of business insights.

  • Analyze and correlate machine data to deliver real-time business analytics
  • Mash-up machine data with other data sources including structured data
  • Quickly create custom dashboards for different roles or users within your organization
  • Visualize your data on your desktop, tablet or mobile device
Operational Intelligence Dashboard


Splunk DB Connect: Enrich machine data with business context

Enriching machine data with structured data provides additional business context, making the data even more valuable to the business. Splunk DB Connect enables real-time integration between Splunk Enterprise and relational databases.

For example, a telecom company can combine real-time service activation data with profile data from a customer master database to understand what types of customers are purchasing what types of plans--enabling in-depth, real-time sales and customer analytics not possible before.

Additional examples:

Business Analytics Data Mashup

Splunk App for Stream: Use wire data for faster and comprehensive analytics

Organizations looking to improve user experience or to gain end-to-end visibility into business processes and applications often face challenges with instrumenting the website or applications to capture relevant data. They often miss the opportunity to capture critical information that affects the business. With Splunk Streams, all data is captured without the need to instrument individual events. Insights into this data provides deeper understanding into customer behavior, product usage and business processes.

Download the apps:

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Customer Success

There are numerous examples of what can be achieved using business insights from machine data. Telecom service providers can monitor real-time activation of new devices and services across regions, retailers can understand how customers are interacting with mobile and web sites, and product managers can view how customers consume various online services.

Business Analytics Customer Success


As you look to provide business insights from big data sources, Splunk is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for your business analytics technology portfolio. It is likely that Splunk is already being used by IT, Operations or Security teams in your organization. Talk to them and learn how you can use Splunk to deliver value to the business.

Download Splunk for free today and unleash the power of machine data for your business users. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.