Embedded OEM Program

Accelerate your time to market and add functionality to your product or service with the Splunk Embedded OEM program. This program helps you to leverage the power of Splunk to add reporting, forensics or big data functionality to your software, hardware or service offering.

ISVs, hardware vendor or service provider can embed Splunk into their offerings to create a turnkey solution by providing a pre-configured, fully integrated reporting solution right out of the box.

Best of Breed

Splunk Enterprise is the platform for machine data. It's the easy, fast and resilient way to collect, analyze and secure massive streams of machine data.

Universal Indexing

Splunk allows you to bring in your data "as-is;" no need to re-write your logging or data output methods. No database licenses to buy, no schemas to design, no custom connectors to maintain. Your engineers will love you.


Using Splunk, you don't need to define an upfront schema. Using Splunk's "late-binding schema" technology, you can pick and choose which parts of your data you need today and not worry about changing formats or new product requirements.


Splunk can scale to many terabytes of indexing volume per day.

Powerful UI Frameworks

Splunk's web UI framework allows for WYSIWYG development along with powerful advanced capabilities to ensure the look and feel matches your requirements.

Easy to Embed

Splunk can be completely black boxed and its configuration managed externally via our powerful SDKs or command line interface. Your end-users won't need to worry about installing or configuring Splunk—in fact, they won't even know it's there.

Use Case Support

Whether you need to add reporting capabilities to your product or embed Splunk as a big data "decision engine," Splunk has a proven track record to be extremely flexible.

Large Support Community

Splunk has a very strong development community to support your endeavor:

Flexible Licensing

Licensing models that match the way you do business.

Turnkey Reporting

Are you still using an RDBMS for your product reporting? What if you could build and ship a turnkey reporting solution in less than 90 days? Splunk's unique ability to easily collect, index, visualize and report against your existing data makes it a perfect choice as a reporting platform.

Key Features
  • Schema-less design
  • Powerful UI (WYSIWIG)
  • Transparent SSO
  • Easy black boxing/embedding
  • Robust developer framework and tools
  • Enterprise-class Scale, Resilience and Interoperability

Splunk Engine / Data Fabric

Many ISVs are currently looking to enhance their products decision-making capabilities. Splunk allows for massive amounts of data to be used instantly for security, compliance, monitoring and more. Splunk enables your product to make instant decisions on what actions to take by analyzing gigabytes worth of real-time data. It can also let your disparate applications share a common data fabric for instant data interoperability at scale.

Key Features
  • No schema
  • Easy black-boxing / embedding
  • Powerful SDKs for all popular languages
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Powerful management APIs
  • Time to market

Do you have a business or technical question regarding the Splunk Embedded OEM program? Contact us at oem@splunk.com.

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