Hunk®: Splunk Analytics for Hadoop

I like big data and I cannot lie

Big data doesn't have to be a science project. Hunk is the big data analytics platform that lets you rapidly explore, analyze and visualize data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. It provides a single, fluid user experience designed to provide insights from your big data without specialized skills, fixed schemas or months of development.

A Petabyte of Data Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Hunk goes beyond typical data analysis methods and gives you the power to rapidly detect patterns and find anomalies across petabytes of raw data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores.

  • Interactively query raw data by pausing and refining searches
  • Accelerate reporting response times by transparently caching search results
  • Quickly create and share charts, graphs and dashboards
  • Archive historical data in Splunk Enterprise to HDFS and Amazon S3
  • Hunk connects to Apache Hadoop distributions, Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks Data Platform, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, MapR M-series and Pivotal HD

What's New?

Hunk 6.2 makes it faster and easier to unlock the business value of big data in Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. 

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Integration with Amazon EMR

Leverage automatically configured Hunk instances provisioned by AWS, priced hourly, for data in Amazon EMR and S3, directly from the Amazon EMR console.
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Hunk Sandbox

Step-by-step tutorial and sample dashboards so you can rapidly learn Hunk interactive search and analytics without having to set up a Hadoop cluster.
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Hunk Apps

Search, analyze and visualize data in NoSQL and other data stores through prepackaged connections, including the Hunk App for MongoDB and Sqrrl App for Hunk (Apache Accumulo).
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Data Explorer

Visual wizard lets you browse and select relevant data sets and prepare raw data for analysis in Hadoop.
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Archival for Splunk Enterprise

Archive historical data in Splunk Enterprise to commodity storage on HDFS and Amazon S3. Gain powerful new insights with federated queries that correlate real-time data from Splunk Enterprise with historical data in Hunk.
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Event Pattern Detection

Speeds analysis by automatically grouping similar events to discover meaningful patterns in the underlying data.
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See how the scalability and performance of Hunk empowers Vantrix to optimize video for its customers.  

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